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Peace Poster Competition

There is a different theme for each year, to be found in the pack.

This annual contest encourages young people who are aged 11,12 or 13 on or before November 15th to think about what peace means to them and to share their own unique vision with others through art. The contest theme changes annually with the 2017-18 being The future of Peace. Young people select a medium as outlined in the Contest Rules and Conditions to draw, paint or sketch their interpretation of the theme. Each poster is then judged on originality, artistic merit and expression of the theme.

Clubs wishing to sponsor an entry into this contest should approach local schools and youth organisations to request their participation and purchase a Peace Poster pack from MDHQ by October 1st. The cost of a pack for the 2017-18 contest is 11.00 plus package and postage. The pack includes an Achievement Award Certificate and a Certificate of Appreciation together with details of all the rules and information needed to enter the competition. Any questions regarding the contest should be directed to the District Competitions Officer.

The winning entry from District 105M will go forward to the Multiple District competition.

Please note: It is really important that the rules of the competition are adhered to. In particular:

  1. Artwork must be no smaller than 13 inches by 20 inches and no larger than 20 inches by 24 inches. Do not mat or frame artwork.
  2. Three dimensional entries will not be accepted. Nothing may be glued, stapled or attached to the artwork in any way.
  3. The use of lettering or numbering on the front of the poster is not allowed.
  4. Artwork should be produced on a flexible material so that it can be rolled for posting in a postage tube. Do not fold the poster.
  5. A kit must be purchased for each entry sponsored.
  6. Entries should be received by the Competitions Officer by no later than November 15th to allow judging to take place at the November Cabinet Meeting (to be held on November 19th 2017).
  7. Peace Poster leaflets are also available from MDHQ costing 90p for 10 or 9 for 100.
  8. Participants accept all responsibility for late, lost, misdirected or illegible entries.
  9. Entries cannot be returned or acknowledged. They become the property of Lions Clubs International upon receipt.

2016-17 Peace Poster 105M winner Balsall Common
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