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Welcome to the NEW Lions webring, the only 'Family Friendly' Lions webring on the Internet and hosted by District 105M. Unlike other Lions Webrings the NEW Lions Webring is hosted on web space owned by a Lion, and is not a web ring system simply subscribed to with a commercial company. As such the NEW Lions Webring can exercise total control over what links it has, and can do far more to ensure the maximum distance from inappropriate web sites.

To attempt to preserve the integrity of the Ring no Lions web sites that also subscribe to any other Lions web rings that are hosted with commercial webring services, such as Webring Inc., or link to other sites that contain or link to sites of immoral or illegal content, will be accepted into this web ring. Commercial webring hosting companies do not seem to be particularly careful in who or what is hosted on their webrings. We believe that Lions have a duty of care by way of our Code of Ethics to do our very best to distance ourselves from sites with 'adult' content. This is the very reason this ring was created.

The New Lions Webring was moved to the District 105M servers from the MD105 servers in April 2006 after the 2005/2006 MD105 Council of Governors made the decision to dismantle the MD105 IT services infrastructure (their reasons have never been made clear).

Feel free to contact the Ring Administrator for questions directly related to the tools at NEW Lions Webring.

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